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Page N of M.. between Main and Subreport

Michael Katz
Michael Katz used Ask the Experts™
On the Main Report i have Page N of M.. with Page 1 of 11 on the Main Report...

The subreports (2) are in the footers of the Main report.. How can i pickup the next page number as the subreports are picked up??  

Example I need Subreport 1 to get the next page, when that subreport is finished How can i have the next subreport pick up where the other left off and still have Page 11 of 11 at the end of this??
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Mike McCrackenSenior Consultant
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Subreports do not have page footers.  All page numbering and footers are controlled by the main report

What problem are you seeing?



In the Main Report.. The subreports reside in the Report Footer of the Main Report.. Can I possibly get the page #'s to continue through each of the sub reports?
Where do you have the page #?  If a subreport runs onto multiple pages, the page header and footer from the main report should be repeated on each page, and if you have the page # in one of those sections, you should be seeing the correct # on each page.