Looking for a good MIDI sequencer for Apple OS X iMac

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I'm already using Apple Logic Pro, and I'm giving up on it due to numerous issues that hamper me from making my song. I'm now looking for an alternative sequencer (except Apple Logic Pro and Garageband).

Can anyone please give me recommendations on other MIDI sequencers that can support at least the following:

1) Third-party plugins (e.g. the ones I have so far are Komplete 8 Ultimate, EastWest Instruments, Vienna Instruments, Real Guitar)
2) Continuous Controller support (e.g. Volume, panning, modulation wheel, expression, to name a few)
3) Intuitive and easy-to-use graphical interface (Apple Logic Pro was easy to use, but it had so many bugs that kept slowing me down)
4) Has built in equalizer plugins for mixing
5) If it comes with sounds and instruments, it would be a plus.

Please recommend only robust software. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. I just wish I could give more than 500 points because this is so important to me.
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Peter TomisIT Technician

Most of my buddies that produce electronic music use either Cubase or Ableton live. I would look into those. Here is a link to a free DAW ive been hearing a lot of good things about lately Reaper. I have had issues with logic in the past with things like the disk is too slow to process all sounds or something, if this is the issue you are experiencing have you turned the I/O buffer on? If your mac has a dual-core processor this will dedicate the power of one to pre-buffer any set number of samples from a drop-down list vastly improving Logic's performance.

Here is an article directly from  Apple regarding this:
Logic: Learn about I/O buffer size

hope this helps!


Thanks for responding, ridingeternity.

I drew a graph on the hyperdraw editor to send 0 to 127 to the modulation wheel continuous controller, and it was sending only up to 81!!? Creating a new project was the only way to rectify that, per the Apple tech person I talked to. I was very upset by that resolution. Luckily, it was a new project, but imagine if I had already spent hundreds of hours on it and I'm told to reenter all the data into a new project?

I know about Cubase and Ableton Live, but what I needed was more detailed information. I listed several criteria in my original post, but you didn't mention if your recommendations meets up to those requirements.
IT Technician
I wouldn't have recommended if they didn't ;) The version of Cubase I had a few years back had all the features you are looking for. It is of course highly updated now so it still includes everything from before but better. Reaper is pretty neat because you can completely customize it to your own standards visually and mechanically. Can't say much for Ableton Live...but both Ableton and Steinberg offer 30 day trials of their software on their site which should help serve a comparison.


Apparently I'm not going to get any more responses for this one. The answer was okay, but I could've appreciated more details.

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