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Animation Picture - Pages turn...

LelloLello used Ask the Experts™
I have a book picture and i'd like to create an animation picture page turns a small icon for the web.... Which free tools i can use?

I don't want use flash.
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I need JAsc animation pro.
If you are asking how to accomplish a page turn effect on a web page without Flash, the best example is this tutorial HTML5 Rocks wrote showing how  F-i.com and Googlemade a page turn booklet.

If you want something more simple, look at some of these (they all use javascript):

http://marcbuils.blogspot.com/search/label/FlipPage (this one is in French)
Hello LelloLello,
Lol quite the tongue twister,
 I don't fully understand what you are asking for.
You currently have  a book picture. in a web page? And this page is one several pages?
And you would like to add /create a small animation like picture icon that when clicked on turns the page of the book? Not in flash?
Where and what did you create this book?
Could you explain it a little better please. create an animation picture page ?? or an animated image? clickable?
Not in flash?

Or you currently have a front cover of a book (image)  and would like to add it to a web page with a clickable animation icon to turn to a new page?
It would be simpler  to make your book with flip pages and export that to a web page as is complete.

I'll start with the icon making
You could use Jasc Animation ( which I have) you need to make an animated gif image
The completed animated image must always be a .GIF image, .JPG or .JPEG images do not support animation.
It far simpler to use dedicated tools though
Which version of PSP Animation 4 or 5 as Jasc was sold to Coral.
Microsoft makes a free gif animator

I have used this Icon maker from Real world Graphics it is not free but has a fully functioning demo. It's quite expensive but the demo would do, very simple to do.
Favicon Icon maker

Making an Image Clickable

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How to create a flash flip album
Flip Books
Hi D_Brugge and Merete.  I too am puzzled over what was required.  My final reading of the question led me to believe that LelloLello was looking for a simple animated GIF button icon like those commonly used on home-built personal websites to "View Guestbook" or similar.  Just a continuous page turning graphic of about 6 frames.  It was the references to "small icon" and "Jasc Animation Shop" that made me lean towards this, and I began typing up a brief tutorial with screenshots from PsP's Animation Shop and also some links to creating animated GIFs in Gimp.

I'm glad I didn't get too far, because having looked at LelloLello's question history it revolves around some reasonably advanced ColdFusion and JavaScript code.  It would be a surprise if creating a "view guestbook" book animation as a simple GIF was beyond Lello's skills.

What I did see in Lello's questions was a link to:
where (surprise!) there is a page turn animation in the left column of the English and French index pages that is hyperlinked to a PDF file.  I am a bit puzzled why the hands holding the book seem to go from greyscale to normal caucasian, then go a series of alien skin-tones before repeating the cycle.

My guess is that this is the type of animation that LelloLello is seeking to improve, but my proposed animated GIF tutorial with screenshots is on hold until my guess is confirmed.

P.S. D_Brugge, those are some excellent links you provided.  It's a pretty cool effect without a hint of Flash.  Thank you.


Could you please let us know what exactly you are trying to achieve, and also let us know whether you already have Jasc Paint Shop Pro with Animation Shop.  Merete has Jasc Paint Shop Pro versions 7, 8, and 9 I think, and I have version 7 Anniversary Edition, so we can provide accurate information if you need.

Hi BillDL, as always you add that extra bit, yeah looking at the page turner sponsorship program the 3rd page  that turns a grotesqueness greenish grey has a small animation or change of image in the corresponding page.
I may have to give up my title of hawk eyes to you :P


Thank you..