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I need to create a CD that AutoRuns a HTML file when inserted into the computer.  I need this to work on both MACs and Windows operating systems.  

I currently have an AutoRun that works with windows, but not MACs:
File name:  Autorun.inf
                  OPEN=cmd /c start index.html

Any Ideas?

Thank you!
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Modern Macs with OS X do not support Autorun.  It was removed from the Mac operating system after a bunch of free CDs from magazines 'auto' installed viruses on Mac OS9 machines in the 1990s.
Dave is correct .. no autorun on OSX

The best you can do is have the DVD open a customised window where you can place icons, custom background images etc. but the user will have to CLICK or drag an icon.

See this posting for details ..

You can create a HYBRID disc but it is not really necessary anymore as OSX can open Windows DVDs but you might want to do it to keep the 2 systems separate.

OSX Application called Toast has some useful features related to this.
Or you might like FileStorm


Thank you both!!

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