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I had an idea of how to find a username to ipaddress then ip address to computername on xp's, but I am having an issue trying to do the same with win7 machines on my network. New IT support and have not had time to inventory my pcs so still in the process of finding pc names to users so i can login in RDP and help when away from office. Any ideas or could someone point me in the right  direction?

Win7 and vista clients
Server 2003 DC

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Actually Fing doesn't find users but this should -

PsLoggedOn is an applet that displays both the locally logged on users and users logged on via resources for either the local computer, or a remote one. If you specify a user name instead of a computer, PsLoggedOn searches the computers in the network neighborhood and tells you if the user is currently logged on.

PsLoggedOn's definition of a locally logged on user is one that has their profile loaded into the Registry, so PsLoggedOn determines who is logged on by scanning the keys under the HKEY_USERS key. For each key that has a name that is a user SID (security Identifier), PsLoggedOn looks up the corresponding user name and displays it. To determine who is logged onto a computer via resource shares, PsLoggedOn uses the NetSessionEnum API. Note that PsLoggedOn will show you as logged on via resource share to remote computers that you query because a logon is required for PsLoggedOn to access the Registry of a remote system.
deroodeSystems Administrator

UserLocator does exactly what you want.

After installing make sure you start this tool when logged in as a domain admin, and run as administrator.
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Mohammed RahmanSenior Operation Specialist

GrizNation23IT Director


Any other options, or even a few cmd commands that may do the trick?
IT Director
Arp -a helped, as long I had Mac address. Thanks for all your suggestions,
GrizNation23IT Director


The suggestions had non working know and my way worked jus fine.

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