font of H&M.

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Hi there;

I need to find out the H&M font.

Can you help me?

I tried , but no avail.

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I have not been able to locate any fonts that have those exact shapes, but I will keep looking.
Since this is for a corporate logo, it is quite possible that these were hand drawn and that there is not a font available with the exact match.
ok, if it's the case, i need to convert 'M' to 'N'. How can i do this in photoshop? or can you help me? Any guidelines for this?

Kind regards.
The way I would do it is to erase the last stem of the letter "M" to turn it into an "N" like so...Cut off stem with eraser tool
A handy trick for keeping your erasure lines straight and precise is to click the eraser at the starting point, then move the eraser to the end point and holding down the shift key, click again. This will erase a straight line between the first eraser click and the second.

Next, remove the rest of the stem.use the lasso tool to select the rest of the stem and delete it
Now you need to match up the rounded terminal at the end of the stroke, so go over to the end of the "H" and make a copy. To do this, use the marquee tool to make your selection and press the Ctrl+JCopy the terminal from the letter "H"
Drag it over to the end of your "N" and rotate it to line up.Rotate the copied terminal so that it lines up with the stroke on the letter "N"
Now you will see that the new terminal is slightly wider than the stroke below it. Use the eyedropper tool to sample the red color and select a hard edged brush and make it just a little wider than the overlap. Now you are going to use the same technique to draw a straight line that you used with the eraser tool. Make a new layer so that if you have to go back and try again, it will be easy to erase your previous work.

Click with your brush so that the bottom edge lines up with the overlapping gap. Then holding down the shift key, click farther down on the stroke, again making the bottom edge line up with the existing stroke. This should give you a line that fills in the gap, and blends into the existing stoke. Paint a line that blends in the overlapping gap
Now merge your layer with the fill line that you just painted with the layer below and you're done.

As an optional step, you may want to take the marquee tool and select the letter "N" and stretch it just a bit wider so that it balances with the H but be careful not to over do it
Wow! I will do it soon. Thanks.
I am still amazed with the comment. Really, wow again.
The other zones at EE are a bit more hectic and competitive, so the experts have to get an answer out fast. We get to be a bit more laid back in the graphics zones.
captainTechnical Director

But still, that is a very detailed and well thought out answer D_B!

I always check out your answers there is quite often a little gem of a trick or best practice that I didn't know of...

Excellent example by D_Brugge!!

Hi JazzIIIlove

Please just treat the following as additional information.  I am not looking for any points at all here, just offering you an extra tip.

If you have Microsoft Word installed and you use a lot of different fonts when editing images, you might be interested in a method that allows you to create a new Word document that contains whatever letters or word that you choose and shows this using all the installed fonts (or as many as the method is able to process) in the text formatting and colour that you want.  It uses a Visual Basic Script.  I only have Office 2003 installed on this PC to test, but it should work in later versions also.

Here is an example of how the Word document would look with the following text and formatting specified in the script:
Main text:  H & M H&M N
Main text formatted as Red, Italic, Bold, Size 48
Sub-Text: <FontName Automatically Inserted> (as Bold Italic Size 48)
Sub-text formatted as Black, size 16:
VBScript can be customised to suitI have attached the *.VBS file as a *.TXT file.  Open it in Notepad and change the formatting and text to suit your needs.  Save it and then rename it, changing the .TXT extension to .VBS.  Accept the warning about changing file types.  Normally you can just double-Click on a VBS file to run it.  Word will open and it might take a while to complete.  Save the document when done and you have a quick reference for the visual appearance of your installed fonts with specific text.

Obviously when you use the text tool in an image editing application you will have control over things like kerning, leading, stroke, fill, etc, and you can insert it as a Vector layer which gives you a lot of control over the position and shape of it.

Hopefully this will be of some use to you.

I have to close the question, of course with A but EE thinks that it's abandoned. I will come back to here.

will come back. I don't why but EE requests me to close this question as it thinks it's abandoned which is not actually.
That's okay. Next time you have a question open and you get the automated "abandoned question" notice, just post a comment to the question so everyone can see that you are still involved.

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