How to send Email from a .Net project?

Ricky White
Ricky White used Ask the Experts™
I would like to create a C#.Net project to send an email with an attachment.
Please advise how can this be achieved. Would VBScript be the easiest route?

Any links or resources would be appreciated.
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You can use the SmtpClient class (example at the bottom of the page) to send email--provided you have access to an SMTP server (of which there are several free ones you could use).
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Import System.Web.Mail 

              Dim message As MailMessage
              message = New MailMessage ()
              message. To = "receiverID@domainName.Com"
              message. From = ""
              message. Subject = "Email Subject"
              message.BodyFormat = MailFormat.Html
              msgMail.Body = "<html><body><h2 " + 
                             "align = center>Hello World! " + 

  MailAttachment attachment1 =
   new MailAttachment (@"c:\My Documents\OfficeFile1.doc");
  // Add Another One...
  MailAttachment attachment2 = 
   new MailAttachment ("d:\\Documents\\asp.netTurorial.doc");
  message.Attachments.Add (attachment1);
  message.Attachments.Add (attachment2);

              SmtpMail.Send (message)
              response. Write ("<BR><font color=red" + 
                               " face=verdana size=2> " + 
                               "Sent the mails. </font>")

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Thanks All!
Although all answers were helpful, I meant to select CodeCruiser's answer as the Best answer. Not sure how to change that.

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