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User Database for IT Administrator

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I am looking into a user database where i would store all user data

Access to system / setup

Is there any open source program available?
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Rich RumbleSecurity Samurai
Top Expert 2006

What data? Active directory or even Ldap have lot's of user fields for contact info, notes and descriptions. What are you looking to collect?


I am trying to collect info a bit like a CRM

for example starting date / additional mailboxes / Business Skype account / RDP access.....

I dont want to use AD for that, but thought some software will be available to be able to sort that info
Top Expert 2011
I have set up a WIKI for keeping all kinds of user/system data.  There are lots good free open sources WIKIs available.  I have created template pages for users, computers, etc.

One of my clients uses Spiceworks.
Rich RumbleSecurity Samurai
Top Expert 2006