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Lotus Forms Viewer Corrupt Save to Network

The_Phant0m used Ask the Experts™
We are having an issue with one user who after digitally signing a form and saving back to his My Documents, which automatically syncs to a network share, the file becomes corrupt.  Many times it is cut in size by half and at some points only saves a 1kb file.  All other save functions work properly, word, excel....  Also if the document being signed is saved to his desktop which is not synched the file is fine.

Any Ideas?

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Sjef BosmanGroupware Consultant

One would suspect the sync process. What is used, for I never heard this of a tool like SyncBack?
I have found the answer to the issue.  Lotus Forms does not check to ensure there is enough room at the save location before trying to save.  As our users have auto sync setup to a remote server I did not think to check available space.  Lotus Notes will save as much as it can and then stop with no error at all, this is why I was getting different file sizes all the time.  Once I removed a bit of data from their network sync location the save performed as it should.


Issue has been resolved with this solution.