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Windows firewall

isdd2000 used Ask the Experts™
Hi Experts,

I have gone to windows firewall and applied an allow rule on inbound and outbound for port 1433. When I perform a netstat -an command that port is not shown as listening, when I try to connect to the server using another application that requires that port it is not connecting. It is a domain environment with an SBS2k11, WSS2K8 (SQL server), Linux server (cannot connect on port 1433). The SQL server and Linux server sit on the same vsphere server; the domain controller has its own dedicated hardware.

There is no firewall in-between however it cannot connect.

Look forward to reading your comments!
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sarasotamacIT Manager

Try turning off the firewall briefly, and test the connection. That will narrow it down between firewall issue or something else.



I am unable to turn off the domain firewall on the SQL server due to GPO however I did change the settings to "inbound connections that do not match a rule are allowed" and it still failed!

Will the firewall still need to be turned off or is this sufficient?


Thanks for your help, it is now working!
sarasotamacIT Manager

Glad to help!