Print numeric correlative in empty format (many times the same format)

Haver Ramirez
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I have two reports, in the first report you can print only the format, in the second the values, but, i need to print a numeric correlative in the header, is the same format but change the FOLIO number, legal questions, this pages will have a authorizations stamps, I need is specific numbers of pages and later put the values in this specific number of pages.

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I don't understand what you are trying to do.

Can you show an example?



The same reports show it many times, the only difference is the correlative number, as a template, with the only difference the header number, a service bill for example, is the same for all, but is empty, and the only difference when is empty, the number
It sounds like maybe you're trying to do something like produce a number of copies of a blank form.  One basic approach to something like that is to read some table that has at least as many records as the number of forms that you want to produce, and put the form in the detail section, so that it's produced once for each record.

 If the number of forms is small, you could also just put several copies of the form in the report and suppress the copies that you don't need.

I really dont like use typed dataset, but this works.

I use a typed dataset, with one column, in this column put in number range of copies, this field will be in details, and these instructions

1. Go to Report menu>. Section Expert.
2. Select Details from the section list.
3. Check the check box "New page After". Click X^2 and write the following code in the formula workshop:
not OnLastRecord
4. Click OK.
5. Preview the report. You will see one record per page.

Now i have as many reports as numbers exist in the column


Solved by my self

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