DNS Issuebetween Cisco ASA and Windows Server 2008

Nilesh Havire
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Hi Friends,

We have Cisco ASA and Windows 2008 Server, I believe I have an issue with the ASA not allowing DNS Traffic
I have put Google DNS IP &, any domain is not resolving but we can access any website by IP,
We alow only 3389 inbound. All other addresses are natted using Global 1 interface.
I followed the necessary fixes, I can run packet tracer and it all shows as OK.
Can anyone please help me?

access-list inbound extended permit tcp any host X16.XX.XX.X13 eq 3389
access-list inbound extended permit icmp host X6.XX.XX.XX9 any
access-list inbound extended permit tcp any host X6.XX.XX.X12 eq 3389
access-list inside_nat_outbound extended permit ip any any
global (outside) 1 interface
global (outside) 2 X6.XX.XX.X11
nat (inside) 1
static (inside,outside) X6.XX.XX.X12 netmask
static (inside,outside) X16.XX.XX.X13 netmask
access-group inbound in interface outside
route outside XX.XX.XX.XX 1
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Ramakrishna PrabhuNetwork Engineer

What is the next hop/gateway for ASA? If its a router does it have DNS servers specified on it?

Do you have any access lists for outgoing traffic?

Plus, on your DC, how have you specified the DNS Server? Is it through DNS Forwarders?
Nilesh HavireBusiness IT


We placed the VMs directly on the public block, bypassing the firewall. We are experiencing the same issue as before with the ASA plugged in,
I am not sure what is the issue

Can anyone help me
Top Expert 2012
Is this on a domain?
Can you provide the output from 'ipconfig/all' from one of the VM's you mentioned?
Nilesh HavireBusiness IT


Thanks for Help, Issue has been fixed, This problem was with US Internet.

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