SSL BigCommerce, ZoneEdit and a subdomain!

Tony McCreath
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Lets see if I can explain this.

BigCommerce is a hosted ecommerce website. They provide everything including a nameserver. However, it is quite restricted and does not allow sub-domains.

My solution was to use ZoneEdit as the nameserver with settings just like BigCommerce had, plus the sub-domain stuff.

All worked fine.

We then tried to add SSL. This again is all controlled by BigCommerce.

From what we are told, the use of SSL (https) has changed the IP address of the website, so it is not working. They also told us that the IP is not static so we can't just set up ZoneEdit and forget it.

Anyone have any ideas on how to get around this?

Can I do some sort of relay for nameservers so the main domain goes to the BigCommerce nameserver while ZoneEdit can directly deal with the subdomains?
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BigCommerce gave us a new IP address and that seems to have fixed things.

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