equipment size doesn't match server rack 4 post open bay

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There's a new equipment that I think won't fit/slide and screw to my server rack.

server rack width is 19" or 49cm depth is 52cm.
the equipment width is 436mm, depth 293mm, height 86mm

Anyone has any suggestion about best practices on how to handle this?

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George Fendlerprogrammer

436 mm is a little over 17". Does the device come with mounting ears? If so, It should fit in a 19" rack. It's only about 11 1/2" deep so that shouldn't be much of a problem either.
If it doesn't come with mounting ears, you can make them from angle stock available at most hardware stores.
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Ditto the above, sounds just the right size for a 19" rack (19" includes the ears at the front). 86mm is 2U so a standard 19" rack mount height. (U=1.75")

I'd suggest a generic rackmount rail kit, these are L shaped rails, for example see the universal rails here -

You can also get ball race rails but then the holes have to match the holes in the sides of your kit.

At that short depth you could also just bolt onto the front rails like network switches are often mounted.
Usually, if the device is advertised as rack-mountable, but it's not standard rack-mount size, the adapters shoud be available from the manufacturer.

You could also just mount a 12'' deep shelf in the rack and set the unit on the shelf.

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