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Have a fun idea for a nice social networking website that could grab a small chunk of market share from facebook. But I know only a little Visual Basic from college days which means squat today. What do you recommend - find local website builder and contract them or use online social networking platform companies? If the latter, which ones do you recommend? Thx for info...
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Senior Software Engineer
I would suggest you to create something different than existing scripts, using existing social networking script will allow other people to have the same as your social network (same script and maybe same design), finding a local website builder or learning web development and doing it by yourself would be a better choice.

However, to create a professional website you need to learn variety of scripting and programming languages such as PHP or ASP, HTML, CSS, Javascript, you might also need to have some knowledge about photo editing softwares to create the website layout.

The best choice for you now is either to learn and be patient or hire a company to do it for you (which would be definitely a faster way).

Good Luck!



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