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SQL 2005 Migration Scenary

JnavarroMc used Ask the Experts™
Hi Guys, i need help.

I have 2 servers where I have installed 2 SQL Server 2005 instance.
On a server I have installed the database.
And on the other I have installed the "Analysis Services"
I need to plan a strategy for migration to SQL Server 2008 R2 where can unify these 2 servers. Please review attachment.

Is this possible? What steps should I take?

thank you for your help in advance.
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Will you be using new hardware or upgrade an existing server?

Whatever the case, SSAS can run on the same server as the database engine.  In fact, your SSAS server already contains some databases on the DB engine on that same server.

If you'll be using a new server, install it, restore the databases (both regular OLTP and OLAP) and configure whatever needs configuring (logins for instance).

If your current servers are running any third-party software (those database names in your attachment are not familiar to me), of course you'll need to ensure that you get that up and running again as well.