connecting dell powerconnect switches together.

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I am inheriting this network and need help with packet losses experienced by users on network.
I have 2 powerconnect 6248s (stacked for redundancy) with iSCSI connected to five 5424 powerconnects as Access switches (for users and servers).
Currently there is only VLAN1 on the network, other than the 3 created on the iSCSI.
i don't see any trunks on the connecting ports connecting the switches together; so i am going to have to trunk these ports.
My concern is, is it ok to create a couple VLANs on the 5424s and trunk them to the 6248s which have 3 VLANs created on them for the iSCSI.
I haven't seen VLANs created in this way before and was wondering if it will work. InterVLAN and default routing will be provided by a Microsoft ISA server connected to the 6248s.
All these switches are acting as layer 2 switches. 6248 acting somewhat as a core switch.
Any ideas will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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In a word: Yes.

Make sure all 7 switches are talking the same version of STP and set the stacked 6248 as the root.

Turn on GVRP and the iSCSI VLANs should automatically propagate to the 5424s (I don't recall if you have to manually define the VLANs on the trunk ports or not) once you start putting SAN devices on them.

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