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I have been picking up Javascript and AJAX code fragments and tricks here and there. I want to see a full picture of the Javascript library(ies) now. However, I don't know which website(s) got the full API references to them?
Further more, how many versions of Javascripts/ajax are out there? Because we always see this browser doesn't support that script, that browser script call is undefined...etc. nice people made if () {IE } else {firefox} code fragments in blogs and forums, I copy and paste those, but how do they know, where do they get the information from? I am very confused.

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To avoid getting into all that mess, use jQuery
Core Javascript API is defined here:
Browsers implement this to varying degrees of compliance.

Browsers also implement official      W3C APIs for example:
They also implement non standard APIs if they think they have a good idea.

We know what APIs browsers support by:
- trying to use an API and it worked in one browser and not the other
- reading the vendor documentation: e.g. MDN for Firefox, MSDN for internet explorer.

That tells us what they should do but they are often buggy, especially internet explorer.

When things don't work as they should we spend time finding work arounds.
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e.g. I am looking at the XSLTProcessor -> transformToFragment(sourceDoc, ownerDoc)  method. I finally got an API reference from here:
But it is like an isolated website with only a few APIs for XML handling classes. There is no all-in-one Javascript Offical API reference? w3schools only has most common functions, I don't see that XLSTProcessor in JQuery, neither. ( I am new to JQuery, sorry if i missed it)

I mean, How do I know if my browser(s) will support or not support this method, and/or which other libraries the brorwsers have in them? e.g. if the browser has this sarissa library in it to support my XSLTProcessor call, or which browser has jquery functions supported in it?

Sorry about that if I sound confused... I am indeed confused.
check the link i have posted above


Hi gurvinder372,
Thanks for your answers. I am not ignoring them. I did my search before asking and I did find the XSLTProcessor -> transformToFragment example in w3schools under the xslt tutorials. 
The reason I still asked was because w3schools only got an example of how to use it, but not an API function explanation. e.g. what does the function return, a DOM object, or a string? Does the function have overload methods? What other functions does XSLTProcessor class has?
Those answers where found

BUT I STILL ASKED because I thought maybe there was a place all these are documented in one offical API somewhere.
XSLTProcessor is a Gecko (firefox) pseudo standard.  Why is it a pseudo standard? Because other browsers have implemented it to.

There is no official standard and the MDN documentation is pretty sparse but all your questions are answered here:

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