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Recovering Exchange 2010 User who mailbox was on a crashed server

danherbon used Ask the Experts™
I had a test mailbox on a secondary mailbox server that was acting as a test server. The mailbox database that stored this test user became corrupt and no backup of it was made.

Now in Exchange Console I have the user listed but the server cannot connect to the test server mailbox database because it no longer exists.

How can I remove the user from Exchange? Each time I attempt to disable or remove it, it tries to contact the exchange test server to remove it and it doesn't exist.

Thanks you ahead of time for your response. It's late so I hope this is clear.
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Disable the mailbox using EMS:

Disable-Mailbox Mailboxname

This will disconnect the mailbox object from the user object in AD.
and then remove the disabled mailbox using 2 steps:
$Mailbox = get-mailboxstatistics -Server 'Your Mailbox Server'| Where{($_.DisconnectDate -ne $null) -and (_$.DisplayName -eq 'UserDisplayName'}
remove-mailbox -database $Mailbox.database -storemailboxidentity $Mailbox.mailboxguid

Hope this help u.
Rajith EnchiparambilOffice 365 & Exchange Architect

As it is a test mailbox database, delete it using ADSIEdit.