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Amanda Walshaw
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Hello, I have a database that holds our quest_performance repositary to 48gb, it has grown and the application should have stopped it from growing on the settings.

There an facility in sql 2005 I would like to shrink to 25gb.

Would i need to delete tables first then re-organise space.

This is urgent
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I don't think... you need to delete anything from the database.

Please refer below article to shrink the database in SQL Server 2005.


Note: It is advisable to take a back up of you database and then perform this task for 100% data security.
Shrinking database only helps if there is free space, shrinking can (will) fragment your database.

Deleting tables destroys all content of that table.
<<the application should have stopped it from growing on the settings.>>
Is it cleaning it's own 'old' data?

If clustered tables and indexes have a lot of free space because of deleted rows then a reindex will recreate that index.
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hello i have gone back to the software vendor and they have given me a purge script to run across the table.
we do not have much free space. so will go with what the vendor has asked me to do.

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