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Hi is the a way i can have a field  , lookup a number in a spreadsheet?

we have a document library and im wanting to numnbe rthe documents,  so it fits in with current number system.
so user clicks new they get a new unused 4 figure number,

need this for a few diffrent fileds in diffrnet sections.

doesnt have to be excel i could create a number list elseware?


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This isn't easy to achieve OOTB.

Certainly it will be easier if you transfer your values to a SharePoint list rather than keep them in a spreadsheet.

Lookup columns on their own etc aren't going to do this for you, as the one you want wouldn't be selected automatically.

Suggest you create a SharePoint Designer Workflow to run when an item is created, and populate the ID field from the value in another list. You would perhaps mark the ID from the other list as "used" with your workflow (have a second column in that list for the purpose) so a different one could be chosen next time round.

If this cant be made to work, you're looking at custom code - either to create a Workflow activity that does exactly what you want, or an Event Receiver to fire on the event when it's created to set the ID that way.

Most users dont want custom code - so the Workflow sounds most promising.
Each item has its own ID and is created by MOSS 2010 automatically.
Its automatically incremented for each item in a list.
So, you can just make it visible by going to the list setting.
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hafeezmca, my reading of the question is that the IDs for the list items need to be pre-defined. As such, a simple incremental ID isn't going to meet the requirement.


its also sp2007 as indicated

we do have 2010 in the environment but too much legacy stuff to move this right now


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