What Are Some Ways And Methods; In Addition The Easiest Or Simplest Way To Convert A Raster Layer Into A Vector Layer?

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Hello.  I have a question to ask you.

Main Thread Question:

What are some ways and methods; in addition the easiest or simplest way to convert a raster layer into a vector layer?

Sub-Questions pertinent to the main thread question -- please answer:

1. Can you suggest any graphics programs that are exclusive or particular to this conversion process from raster to vector?

2. With the affordable or free, popular, and feature loaded image/photo graphic programs like Adobe Photoshop Elements, Corel PaintShop Pro, GIMP, Corel Painter, and MS Paint; does any of these particular programs feature a conversion capability to convert a raster layer into a vector layer?

Please reply to my two questions above.

FYI, this is applicable to my Windows 7 64-bit operating system.

Thank you!
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That usually can't be done in any useful fashion.  The vector info just isn't there in the raster image.  Corel used to have a 'trace' program but it was only good for well defined shapes.  If you generate a vector image in something like Corel Draw, export it as a raster image, and try to use Corel Paint to convert it back, if it works at all it will be a poor copy of the original.


@ DaveBaldwin:

Hello again.

Thank you for your comment.

So basically, it is impossible. They are two imaging processes that have been and will remain distinctly different from one another.

I see in the time this has been posted, you are the only one that has posted without support or contrast to your answer. Therefore, I will have to agree with your answer. I would of thought with all the discussion raised between graphic design artists who tinker with these two image processes, there would be more experts here commenting on this question/thread – at least we alternative suggestions to the fact. With only one response, they must be in agreement with you with no alternative suggestions to that effect and care not to debate you too.

NOTE: I made a mistake in my initial post at top and I see this after the fact. I mentioned 'Corel Painter' as a "...affordable or free, popular, and feature loaded image/photo graphic programs". The version I mentioned is rather pricey. I should of stated instead "Corel Painter Essentials".  

Therefore this question/thread is now closed. A simple one to evaluate.

Thank you!

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