Where to get TFS connection failed log or Error log?

Easwaran Paramasivam
Easwaran Paramasivam used Ask the Experts™
While I try to connect to client's TFS server (after connecting VPN connection) it connects correctly. While try to get source code locally  I get error as mentioned in the attached screenshot and the VPN connection is disconnected. Please let me know where the error occurs? I mean the log file for tracing purpose where would be stored?

Please do help. Thanks.
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Above links did not solve my problem. Please so suggest some other solution. Thanks.
Jesse HouwingScrum Trainer | Microsoft MVP | ALM Ranger | Consultant

I think you have it backwards. It's probably the VPN that disconnects, causing the pop-up from TFS. There might be a connection limit on your VPN connection. As Visual Studio will download the files with 8 concurrent threads you can get a very high number of connects in a short period of time.

I've had similar issues with proxy servers disconnecting due to it thinking the transfer was a possible virus or abusive connection.

I'm unaware of a setting that controls this from the TFS client side. So you might need to have the VPN configuration looked at.
Thanks. Where to look at VPN configuration? Please do guide me.

How to resolve the problem as well?

Looking forward your help. Thanks.
Jesse HouwingScrum Trainer | Microsoft MVP | ALM Ranger | Consultant

This is probably something that needs to be solved at the VPN server side (at your customer), not something you can easily solve on your client machine.
Ok. Thanks.

Could you please recollect and say what they have to do? I'm looking for an overview.
Scrum Trainer | Microsoft MVP | ALM Ranger | Consultant
I assume that they have configured a connection limit or somekind of protection on the VPN server which will drop the connection if you try to connect too often in a short period of time.

As this is what happens when you try to retrieve a lot of changes TFS, it might explain the connection drop.

You need them to check if such a limit or protection has been configured and is so request to either:
a) exclude the TFS server from that limit if possible
b) change the limit for your account to something that works (you might need to test this a few times)
c) remove the limit altogether (I assume they won't do that).
Thanks for you valuable comments. Let me try this solution.

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