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Using database users for authorization and authentication in dotnet

Ondrejovic used Ask the Experts™
I have MS SQL database with database-users and I would like to create intrantet ASP.NET front-end.

Is it somehow possible to use those db-users to authenticate in ASP.NET?
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Dirk HaestProject manager

User Authentication & Role Management in ASP.NET 2.0 using Sql Server 2005: Part I


If I understand both suggestions, those are generic answers for "I need some formular for login/password".
My problem is a little more specific:

How to implement custom memebership provider to use db-users (not users defined in some table within the database) ?
Dirk HaestProject manager

Your original question was a very generic one, so I couldn't provide you a specific answer :)

Below you can find several articles about implementing  custom membership  ...

How to: Implement a Custom Membership User

Writing a Custom Membership Provider for the Login Control in ASP.NET 2.0

Write custom membership provider for ASP.Net

Video: [How Do I:] Create a Custom Membership Provider?


all these examplles use users stored in table(s) within the database, not database-users

what I would like is to use users defined in database (SQL Server Management studio -> Security -> Logins)
Project manager
I believe there is no transparent way of using SQL logins. ASP.NET application or IIS for that matter is completely agnostic about them. You can do your own mapping inside the application or ask for SQL login information in a form-like fashion.

Otherwise, you can define Windows groups on the machine running SQL Server and then control group permissions inside SQL Server to achieve desired level of access. This may be a better long term solution as you won’t have to maintain sql logins.

Comment found at this thread: http://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/en-IN/sqldatabaseengine/thread/45537ce3-4728-4657-8666-a5742193257d


This negative answer from year 2005 improved my google search.

This is similar discussion: http://www.xtremedotnettalk.com/showthread.php?t=97038
with result: use dynamic connection string as http://www.4guysfromrolla.com/articles/103002-1.aspx

Maybe it's acceptable solution. I'm waiting for real implementation (or for better solution).
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The real implementation ended as a manual-work.
- Credentials are stored in the sesson.
- In web.config there is only template of connection string.
- Real connection string is created by adding the credentials to the template.
- This is then supplied to data-layer.

It's working but not nice.


Thanks for Dhaest help, but #37859196  is not solution of this question.
I don't know how to close this topic correctly .


#37878226 is almost a solution.
I think it's ok to close this topic. (My solution is inspired by Dhaest  comments). I would prefer not to delete this question, because someone else might have the same problem and will need the inspiration too.