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Change ListBox Vertical ScrollBar width

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I need to change a Vertical ScrollBar width of listbox.
Didn't find any relevant properties.
Please advice,
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I believe the scroll bar widths are controlled by a Windows System property.
Right click the empty desktop area and choose Properties from the popup menu.
In the Display Properties dialog, select the Appearance tab.
Click the Advanced button.
In the Advanced Appearance dialog, select the Scrollbar Item from the combo box.
Set the Size to something larger.
Click OK.
Click OK.
See the effect on all scrollbars in all applications.
That was for XP.  Don't know if Vista's Display Properties are set the same way.
There is probably a way to change a single scroll bar's width, using pInvoke or something, but I cannot find much that is useful via an internet search.

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Thank you.
I'm attaching the steps for win7 & xp:
windows 7:
Right Click desktop
Window Color
set Item drop box to Scrollbar
Change Size to 50 (default is 19)

Right-click on an empty spot on the Desktop and select Properties from the menu
Click on the Appearance tab
Click on the Advanced button
From the Item menu, choose the Scrollbar option
Change Size to 50 (default is 19)