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Unable to add Exchange mailbox to Outlook

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We are running Exchange 2010, with one CAS, and two DAG's.
We have also recently updated to SP2 on the Exchange servers.

I'm now gonna set up Outlook for a user that has a Exchange mailbox, on a Windows Server 2003 server that is located in the same domain as the mail server.

However, when i type in the details of the mail server, and the name of the user in the new account setup gui, Outlook doesnt seem to find the user on the mail server.

Any tips to what end I can start to check out, to try and find what's causing this?
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Alan OBrienSystems Administrator

Try typing in either the full name of the server, i.e server.local or the ip address of the mail server and see if that helps.


I have already tried to type inn full name of the server ( specifying domain ), and tried to type in the IP of the server.

I can also verify that the terminal server is able to ping the mail server.

Can you confirm if user mailbox is on Exchange 2003 or Exchange 2010  as you mentioned its on Windows 2003 server


The mailbox is located on a Windows 2008 server, running Exchange 2010.
The terminal server is a 2003 R2 server, running Office 2010.

You can check with DC/GC  fqdn name instead of mail server and if still same issue try to create a new mailbox in Exchange 2010 and check


I have tried with fqdn, and new mailboxes are experiencing the same problem.
- What happens if you try to access this mailbox from OWA, are you able to login?

-  Check if allow inheritables check box is selected on the properties of the user account on the security Tab in ADUC.
- What is the version of Outlook that we are trying to setup with Exchange?

Can you confirm if able to connect using outlook on another workstation

My recommendation to you is to configure your DNS this way:

make sure you have a DNS entry (A record) for your CAS server.

Point that record to your DAG IP address. That will give you some redundancy.

Ultimately, if you don't have a CAS array set up, I recommend you do so now, even if you only have one CAS server.

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Make sure the user isnt hidden from Exchange
MSexchquerybasedn caused the problem, the value pointed towards a old OU in AD, that the customer previously were located.


Our own solution solved the problem.