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I REALLY hope that one of you can help me, as the Internet is giving me nothing and I'm really stuck. I'm using the adLDAP API with PHP in order to bind with an LDAP server and pull user information. When connecting to a Microsoft AD server everything works fine, but when connecting to a Novell eDirectory LDAP server my bind keeps failing. It seems to be that the syntax for specifying usernames and base DN's are different, but for the life of me I cannot figure out what the syntax is supposed to be. Can anybody help me with a simple ldap_bind() syntax to a Novel eDirectory Server? I have attached a screenshot of LDAP Browser and the applicable connection settings.
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First I suggest you check the ldap group object to make sure the "require tls for simple bind passwords" is unchecked.

What server OS are you connecting to?  NetWare?  OES2-linux?  eDirectory on Windows?  If NetWare, check the above and then unload nldap and reload it.

If Linux, run nldap-check from /opt/novell/eDirectory/sbin and confim the LDAP is listening on both 389 (TCP) and 636 (TLS).

You might try to use a secure SSL connection from your ldap browser to confirm the certificates on the server aren't expired.

Hope this starts you down the right trail.



I abandoned this quest as it was a client system and my knowledge on the subject as well as the competence of the system administrators were very lacking, but thank you for the advice.

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