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gdy1972 used Ask the Experts™
I have returned to work today after a week off ,and I had this email ( below ) in my works inbox, what does it mean
I havnt made any request,and I havnt logged an incident with the service desk at my company.Whay have I received this email
I also when logging onto my works email account got the errore message below, lotus notes exception, error validating users agent execution access
I am a little worried that perhaps my email is being tapped/monitored by company, is this the case.I am alos a bit woorried someone is logging onto my email
Could you please give my some info on what is happening and what these messages mean,some of the info is in german as I work for a German Company
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Ernie BeekSenior infrastructure engineer
Top Expert 2012

Well, could you post the email info? It's not showing.
Groupware Consultant
Are you using Lotus Notes as a mail client, or iNotes and a browser? Without seeing the content we can't do much, but I do think you have to investigate this. Chances are that the developers of your company added or updated an agent that has to be executed on your PC, e.g. to gather statistical data or so. You might have an earlier mail telling you what to do when you're asked about the execution of this agent. Please check.

PS Don't worry that your email is tapped by the company: it can be set up easily, you'd never know about it...
Is this the error?

>lotus notes exception, error validating users agent execution access

Sounds like a possible update or template revision/addition occurred, and it was not signed by a server trusted ID.  Something you might want to forward to your mail administrator.


Yes Lotus Notes is the email client, dont really understand the rest of the email
Sjef BosmanGroupware Consultant

Eh? Closed?? And why the "C"? See http://www.experts-exchange.com/help/viewHelpPage.jsp?helpPageID=26 on how to grade a question.

Some interaction/discussion would have been nice. We don't see your mail and therefore we can only guess what's in it...