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MAC Outlook wound't start

racadata used Ask the Experts™
I have a client who uses Office for MAC 2011, this morning it was suddently impossible to start Outlook, I made a copy of main Identity, and then tried to run the Database utility to rebuild the database, but I was also unable to start the database utiltity and the rebuild process. In both cases nothing happens. Everything else is working fine, I'am also able to start Word, Excel etc.
What has happened, and how do I solve this?
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Check the console logs ( /applications/utilities/console.app ) to see if they shed any light on why Outlook is not starting.


18/04/12 06.51.45      Microsoft Outlook[2374]      Unable to load the Interface Builder file OutlookApp.nib because the object archive is missing. Valid nib files must contain either keyedobjects.nib, objects.nib, or data.nib. Full path: /Applications/Microsoft Office 2011/Microsoft Outlook.app/Contents/Resources/da.lproj/OutlookApp.nib

This is what happens when I try to launch Outlook
The Console error message would indicate that Outlook is damaged.
Can you re-install Outlook from your MS Office DVD or disk image?


Yes, shall I uninstall first, or can I just re-install. And shall I only install Outlook and nothing else?
No need to uninstall ... simply move the Outlook application out of the MS Office folder in the Applications folder and put it on the Desktop or in the Trash.


Thank you, that seem to do the trick, Outlook is woorking again