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I am looking for suggestions to do the security testing on remote shell service configured on Linux box (CentOS 5.5).

Can anyone please suggest me techniques, tools that I can use to exploit the remote shell and how can I secure it at the end from these attacks?

Kindly suggest me the solutions ASAP.

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I fear I don't understand exactly your question: do you want to discover a system for cracking the security of your system and then fix it?

By default, if you keep your Linux system up to date, a solution to all the known exploits are included in your system. That's the security policy behind open source software.

If you want to use a remote shell in a secure way, just use ssh for logging into that system, not rsh that is no longer used due to its lack of security. If you ever discover new a backdoor (good luck!), tell it to the authors of the defective software and, last but not least: always keep your system up to date.


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This is not the answer I wanted...

@searchsanjaysharma: You complain that you didn't receive the answer you wanted, but when an expert is asking you what you want to do, you neglect to answer him. In that way, you will never get any answer.

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