DS520 Logical drive failure

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we have "Failed Logical Drive - Drive Failure" and "Status: Failed - Incomplete array" our issue happened after a weekend powerdown and restart. The Array has other logical drives on the same physical disks and they are optimal and can be accessed ok. We do not have any backend failures, all physical hdd's are green are visible in Storage manager.
i have reseated all components and done various restarts (exp520's on first leave a while then power-on ds5020). Infact we have 3 arrays which have 1 logical drive failure on each, each of these logical drives contain VMFS and all other logical drives in these arrays are ok.

I have rebooted (ds5020 controller off 1st and exp520 trays 2nd (trays in no order which is correct!))
read link status shows no errors all looks normal.
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Power down then unplug & then re-plug all the cables to the HDD as it may be just a bad connection.

You could also try another (new) cable as sub-standard SATA cables can sometimes experience intermittant faults.

Hpe ths hlps.
We ended up calling IBM tec support. The helped us resolve isue
What was the cause?
The info. may help others...
Was it a bad connection as I suggested?


After the Power out the SAN was brought up out of cycle.  IBM had the team Down the drives mark them as bad then bring them back on line and all was good.


Im closeing out the question

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