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I want to password protect a page that prompts a user for a password. Depending on what the password is I want the user to be redirected to a page. for example

if the password = user1 redirect the user to www.mysite/user1
if the password = user2 redirect the user to www.mysite/user2

Can anyone help me?
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You can also try with .htaccess way. ref. Password protect
OR do you want it to do in pure php?


I do not mind, just a simple solution will do. The site will not be made to the public so it does not need to be secure.
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try something like this,

$password_1 = 'user1'; // Set your password here
$password_2 = 'user2'; // Set your password here

$pass = $_POST['pass']; // pass should be the name of the textfield.

if ($pass == $password_1) { 
   header("Location: www.mysite/user1/"); 
} elseif ($pass = $password_2)
    header("Location: www.mysite/user2/"); 
else {
      echo "Wrong password";

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correct this line, } elseif ($pass == $password_2)

use ==
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password protect a page that prompts a user for a password
That sounds kind of counterintuitive to me.  Usually the page that asks for a password is not protected -- it is there to protect other pages.  See the use of the access_control() function in this article for details.

HTH, ~Ray

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