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Adding mail contacts to GAL from outlook or users pc.

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A manager of our client is asking me wether she can add mail contacts on exchange 2007 GAL by herself. in this way, all users can look up GAL and find their new clients easily and they don't need to pay us support fee to do.  

Is there anyway the manager can add mail contacts from her pc (Windows 7 with outlook 2010) to GAL? I know if this is exchange 2010, it is possible to do it from exchange control panel (ECP), but exchange 2007 doesn't have that function.
this goal is to let her add contacts herself, anyway is fine, but I don't want her to access exchange EMC  and create mail contacts to do this.

Any ideas?
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The simple answer unfortunately, no.

As you know in essence all you are doing is creating an object within active directory, and putting an exchange stamp on it, there would be no way to allow a user in exchange 2007 to add a contact without at least those permissions enabled.

Of course you could use the delegate control wizard and delegate only specific permissions, and then do the same within EMC. You could then install the EMC client onto her Win7 machine and make it so she could only access the contacts tab.

Thought it is not nearly as clean as you would like - as you stated above there are brighter stars in the horizon with Exchange 2010 - though not super bright.



Thanks Jared,

Thanks for your idea. I wanted confirm before I explain to my client.