Should I have multiple print servers

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Good Afternoon,

I was wondering whether I should have multiple live print servers or a backup/replicated DR server and just 1 live server?

At present, the company I work for has 2, verging on 3 print servers and they're a real mess. We have in the region of 100 printers ranging from high use to rarely used including MFD's. I've brought it upon myself to reorganise the whole print services of the company and manage drivers. devices and the server. We have a virtual infrastructure so actual resources to the server are not a great issue when running on Server 2008 R2.

My only fear is that if I install a new driver on to a server and it creates an issue for it I'd like to be able to provide some redundancy. Answers on a post card!

Also, any advice on driver implementation and control would be much appreciated.

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Kent DyerIT Security Analyst Senior

Depends on your client base..  If you have all Win7/Win 2008 then you can limit the amount of drivers you have available.  But , if you have WXP, Win 2000, W7. etc. then you are going to need to keep the drivers out there for folks.

Now, if you are looking for advice to migrate or otherwise consolidate your print servers, I do believe there is a tool called PrintMig that should help you from Microsoft..

Then, to move your clients, you can do this with a login script.  You should be able to do this with either a VBS, and I recall seeking a KiXtart script that does this too.




Thanks for your input Kdyer.

My client base is XP/7/2003/2008.

I'll be creating all printers from scratch inc ports,share and names. It's a brand new print server and don't want to migrate current printers. It will be a clean state.

What I'd like to know is  should I have more than 1 print server.


I would create the queues afresh - only 100 queues and do you want to import the "mess" associated with the existing queues? If you really want to you can, but then you need to check each queue anyway.

- Single Virtual server with failover.
- Snapshot before system changes/driver updates (The biggest issue with them is the client's not the server)
- Monthly printmig exports and and other required files/settings (Clean setups/easy to restore)
- Bi-Monthly Snapshots (your call on how long to keep these!)

Ensure 32bit and 64bit driver added to server, (same driver version/name)
Try to limit the number of drivers you use - You may not need a driver for each specific model!


Much appreciated. Sorry for the delay

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