Cache for virtual machines!!!

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Dear sir,
I am running more than 20 Virtual machines to perform testing for my applications.
I want to set up a cache on my host PC, and let the 20 machines check for downlaoded files from the cache, if found, then dont downlaod it form internet but from cache, else from the cache.
And want the possibility to add manually files to the cache.
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I think it would better to set up a WSUS if you have a Windows environment. You can have the WSUS VM equipped with two network adapters (one to the Internet to pull updates and the other on your isolated virtual switch).


As I know, WSUS  is for windows update, right?
Howver my case is not for windows update, but for linux, windows, mac, etc...
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What you have, in effect, is 20 separate and real machines. If they were sitting in cases on the floor and working, there would be no way (I know of) to put updates for such a mix in one place and have the 20 many get their updates from one place.

I do not think this can be done. Better to set the machines for automatic update, keep them running and do updates overnight.   ... Thinkpads_User
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Yes, WSUS is for Windows.

Look into Puppet for Linux patch management. I hear the developers raving about it all the time.
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How about a Proxy Cache - Squid


Does this works on windows?

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