How to setup a GPO to configure IE proxy settings using a .pac file

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I am trying to configure the proxy server for IE using a .pac file.

I have created the pac file and it works if I copy it onto a test machine and point the browser to it in internet options.

However I would like to use a GPO to do this.

My question is that when creating the policy in the Automatic Browser Configuration screen it asks for a "Auto-proxy URL". Where do I put the pac file on the server and what do I type in the URL field?

This is the first time I have used a PAC file and I am a little unsure.
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Did you read the instructions written by Microsoft? You should be able to just specify the location of the PAC file.


To edit automatic configuration settings

In the Internet Explorer Customization Wizard 8, advance to the Automatic Configuration page.
In IEAK 8 Profile Manager, select Automatic Browser Configuration.
In Internet Explorer Maintenance, in the left pane, click Connection, and then in the right pane, double-click Automatic Browser Configuration.

Select the Enable Automatic Configuration check box.

Specify the interval in minutes for how often automatic configuration will occur. If you enter 0 (zero) or do not enter a value, automatic configuration occurs only when users restart their computers.

To configure proxy selection automatically, type the URL for the automatic proxy script on your server in the Auto-proxy URL (.wpad, or .pac file) box.

To enable automatic detection of browser settings, select the Automatically detect configuration settings check box.


Thanks for the advice.

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