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I need some clarification on the VoIP signaling protocol. There are many elements to VoIP including signaling protocols (h323, sip, sccp, mgcp), DSPs, and codecs. I understand how they works but in a VoIP environment, how all of this fits? If I am using dial-peer pots to connect my analog devices to the router and dial-peer voip to connect to the remote sites, which signaling protocol am I using? which codec am I using? and do I need a DSP? If yes, what is the DSP doing? Thx
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you would be using h323 when pointing out through a dialpeer voip to another device, and you would be using FXO-FXS signaling if you point out through a dialpeer pots with a regular telephony line port. Or ISDN if using a PRI port which is still pots.

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but you don't have to configure h323. It is the default. Correct?
Correct, you may configure a dialpeer voip and specify this setting:

session protocol sipv2

Ant that will turn it into a SIP dialpeer instead of H.323, but by default its H.323

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