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In terms of :

ESX/ESXi Hosts

1) What do you maintain documentation on for each - and why? If theres a top 5 things to document on each of these, specific to vmware what do you maintain.

2) Do you use any tools to assist in the documentation?

3) Can you provide your view of a top 3 risks for lack of documentation around the virtualisation infrastructure
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a. Build Documentation
b. Configuration Documentation
c. Top 50 Health Checks
d. Network Configuration and Documentation
e. Storage Configuration and Documentation

2. VMware vSphere Client Maps, Veeam reported, VMware Configuration Manager, Visio

3. Lack of Documentation applies to all computer systems, physical and virtual.

a. Lack of Change Control - revision history
b. Administration - New Administrators need to understand infrastrucutre
c. Third Party Vendor support
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1. Nothing really. All my documentation is in regards to "server" builds (app installs, secruring, etc.). My servers are VMs, but that doesn't change what I install in them/how I configure them. As far as "best practice" for each - vCenter, ESX/i, VMs, I just reference a. VMware documentation (Admin & Resource Guides, as well as Hardening Guides for security, and other whitepapers on suggested config). I configure each of those components based on industry best practices and then how those 'best practices' fit into my org (best practices may not be a 'best practice' in my org.).

2. Configurations can be mostly done with the vSphere Client, but vCLI and Putty can be used, as well as vMA to do cmd-line configurations as well.

3. I don't know if there is any 'risk' in not having documentation (again, I don't have nor keep any), but if you have special configurations in your environment & you don't document those configs and why you're doing them, then over time if something crashes you could be left at doing a 'best guess' re-config and on another level..if you don't docuement the config, you may not even remember why you have a component(s) configured they way you do.


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