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How do I get an Android phone to connect to Lotus Notes Server to view email? I am running Android 2.3.6 and Gingerbread build. I have tried editing a "DER" file to a "CER" file, but renaming it may not be the way to handle this. It was a "DER" that we used for an iPhone and it worked there, but it is not being recognized in Android. I loaded the file on the Android in the internal USB storage and when I go to Settings to Install it doesn't recognize that the file is there. Do I have to do something on the Lotus Notes server to create a new file for Android and export it to the phone? Any help would be appreciated.

Running Lotus Notes 8.5
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Ok, this post is a bit confusing. What exactly do you want to do?

Reading Notes Mail on an Android is done by either using the Web-Browser and iNotes (DWA) or to connect to a Traveler Server and download the apropriate app.

There is a bug in some Traveler Versions that the built-in Browser does not accept a self-signed certificate from Traveler. Workaround there, put the APK on the Phone manually, or use another Android Browser (Firefox, Opera, Dolphin etc.) to install the Traveler-App.
in short: install a Traveler server (included with your Domino 8.5.x license)

Ingeneral it is advisable to install the latest Traveler version on the latest Domino version.
To keep stuff apart, you can install them in separate Domino domains.

Hi there Wishd,,

Frankly, I have the same issue ,,, I am trying to install Lotus traveler on my Galaxy S2 but the problem is the Lotus Traveler version we have is 8.5.2 which doesnt support it .
However, I am waiting to perfrom and upgrade on it soon in order to be able to proceed with it ...

So, you can get traveler 8.5.x for free and you can configure it

Then proceed and configured it

Best Wishes

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