Domain controller and computers speeds very different

J.R. Sitman
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At one of our locations when I connect to our Citrix Xenapp servers from a server at the location in Hawthorne the speed is very slow.  If I do the exact same connection from a computer at Hawthorne the speed is fast.  

Where do I start looking on the server to see why there is a speed difference.  The server is connect to a 1.0 gbps switch the same a sthe computer.
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copy a big file from the server and the client to your citrix-server and back.
The time should be nearly the same.
If there are big differences you should look to the network-settings.
post the result of this test.

possible the server has many printers installed ... these are connected while logging on.

do you use the same user for the connection test?

can you be more secific about the slowness?

When you connect from the remote office, are you mapping network shares back to the remote office from the Citrix server or something similar to that?
J.R. SitmanIT Director


The users connect with Simplify Desktop.  It is software that lets me control their desktops.  I don't connect with anything except Citrix desktop
J.R. SitmanIT Director


a 49 meg file copied from our Citrix server using a computer took 5 minutes.  From the server I stopped the down after 29 minutes.
then the problem should be network related...
starting with the 2 most problems:
you could have configuration problems at the NIC.
- copy a file from the client to the server at the location in Hawthorne and back
 if one direction are very slow - post this results

more often:
possible the server use a bigger MTU as the client or is less flexible with auto-adjust the MTU.
You can try to set the MTU to a smaller size.
This can be done at the server or the citrix-server (sometimes the setting at booth ends are necessary).
I use setmtu.exe from the cisco vpn-client.
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I hate to say this but I found the problem.  When connecting to Citrix if the "Always check proxy" is checked in IE it slows down the computer.
Thanks for trying to help.  I appreciate it.
J.R. SitmanIT Director


Found my own solution

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