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Kaspersky causes internet and programs to slowdown.

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I have Kaspersky Antivirus installed and lately the Internet has slowed down as well have programs been slow in responding and opening up.  I had a tech with my internet provider come out and he turned off Kaspersky and the Internet speeded up tremendously.  The same thing happens with slow responding programs, once I shut off Kaspersky, they respond very fast.  This situation started once I returned from vacation.  There does not seem to be any viruses on the computer.  I have run a complete check and no viruses were found.  When I open IE and watch Task Manager, the CPU usage spikes, as well when I open a program.  The process spiking CPU usage is avp.exe, Kaspersky.  There is no difference using other browers.  I do have e-mail checking turned off, because the ISP provides e-mail scanning.  Does anyone have any other ideas as what can be done to rectify this slowdown?
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Which Kaspersky product are you using? KIS or KAV?


the only thing I could think off, is to disable some of the features of the kaspersky suite, and leave only the ones you need,  also consider updgrading your computer RAM memory, I 've seen that kaspersky takes a lot memory with all the background processes ,

hope this helps!
You can start with an uninstall of Kapersky with a reboot and re-install. We run Kaperskys corporate edition in our enterprise and we have had nothing but problems with it randomly doing the same things you are describing.

And removing and re-pushing it out to the affected clients seems to be the only solution we have ran into. One of our guys spent time on the phone with Kapersky but, of course they always push it off has a hardware problem. Although we have Dual core duo with 4G ram as a standard in our office some running XP some running Win7 both having issues like this.
Or you will find two or three AVP.exe processing running at the same time.

I would also go ahead and scan your system with malwarebytes-antimalware just to be sure before you do though.

I would completely remove Kapersky and install AVG Free & Malwarebytes. I have seen Kapersky use up a lot of RAM & CPU time, once I removed it from my client's workstations and installed AVG & Malwarebytes, their systems ran normal.
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Concur on removal of Kaspersky - very bloated. AVAST uses the same engine and the one system I have it on (for trouble-shooting) is much slower for all functions than my systems with MSE and Malwarebytes-Pro.

I would strongly recommend that you not use the typical "Free" products (other than MSE). In general, they are NOT giving you automated scans, updates, or "On-Access" protection.

This EE Articles details my recommendations:
MALWARE - "An Ounce of Prevention..."


We are using Kaspersky Anti-Virus, KAV.
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OdneyTech -
I see from your profile that you haven't asked very many questions here, but the idea is that we will post possible solutions and you respond.

Would you care to respond to the various experts who are trying to help you?


This was the first time I had run into this situation, Kaspersky causing an excessive amount of processor utilization.  Thank you for the great suggestion to uninstall.  The computer is back to it's old self with programs running perfectly and IE work great!!