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In windows we have disk C, D, F etc
And we allocate space in disk drives as needed or as availble

How the space is allocated  in NetApp storage system connected to a server.?
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Need more information, your question is very vague.
You create a CIFS share of a specific size as a NetApp Administrator and map it to the appropriate server.


what i am trying to achieve:
3 separate space allocations of 200Gb in the NetApp connected storage to a server.

I have local disk drives C and D but in the NetApp storage which would be shared storage i need to create  volumes and allocate space.
Make sure you have an aggregate with enough available space then build the LUNs. You can use SnapDrive for an iSCSI connection to the LUNs on the Windows server.
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1.  Enable CIFS
2.  Create 3 volumes or 1 volume with 3 Qtrees for quotas versus 3 200GB volumes
3.  Create Share Folder on the Netapp (You can use MS Windows Computer Managemnt mmc)

On the Netapp it will be shares nto volumes (although you can assign admin shaes such as D$ and E$ to your netapp cifs volumes.