Mac users see wrong time zone in Outlook when connecting via Remote Desktop Connection

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I am seeing this issue on multiple servers running Windows Server 2008 and 2008 R2. When a Mac user running OS X of any version 10.5 or higher (up to 10.7), when they log in to remote desktop and open Outlook, Outlook shows up in the wrong time zone. You can go in to Outlook Calendar Options, change the time zone there, and then the time zone will appear correctly until the user logs off and back on. Then the problem returns. Users running Windows do not experience this issue.

Last time I researched this was a couple of years ago and it was basically "known issue, we're working on it" from Microsoft. I assume this has been resolved, or at least a workaround developed, but I could not find any new info.
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Update: found third party program CoRD can be used as a workaround. Would love a better solution though.
What version of the MAC RDC client are they using?    If it is prior to 2.0.1, you will want to upgrade to the latest version, found here (2.1).  From what I have been able to find out, versions after 2.0.1 have handled the Time Zone issue properly.

To find the version, launch RDC and click on the RDC menu option and then About Remote Desktop Connection.

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