ftp not accessible via public IP but working fine on

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Folks, I need to make an ftp server accessible over the net. Currently runniing IIS7 on Win7 Pro. I have installed the default IIS ftp service & am accessing the ftp root fiolder just fine on BUT when I input my public IP I get the default message "windows cannot access this folder make sure you typed the name correctly blah blah blah"  The ftp session was terminated.
Must be something stooooopid.... Can you help Mr stoooooopid please ??

Please folks desparate to get this online !!

PS should have mentioned ports have been opened in the router the ftp PC is connected too..
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Kent DyerIT Security Analyst Senior
Look at your restrictions in IIS..  Be sure to have it cleared to be accessed by any IP there first..  If that is not the case, look at the local hosts file on the server.  If not there, be sure you have the local server firewall turned off..  If not there, then start digging into your corporate firewall.




OK..your first point has done something... left the binding to all unassigned & got a different dialog up now..please see attachment
PS Also local firewall turned off & no corporate firewall to worry about....
1) Are you accessing the external IP from WITHIN your LAN?  Will not work that way!  The external IP is only available from OUTSIDE!

2) Make sure that in addition to the port being "open" it is also forwarded to the proper server internal IP.

3) Make sure the server (as well as the router) has the proper FTP port(s) open.

4) Make sure file permissions for the directories accessed are open to "EVERYONE"
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iamsamIT Support Engineer
An easy way of t/shooting FTP connectivity issues to servers I configure is to check if the ports I allow to get accessed from the outside are open. I use a site like www.canyouseeme.org. Open that URL from the ftp server and enter your port numbers one at a time. Assuming you have Passive FTP configured correctly since it is generally recommended to setup in a NAT environment,  If the ports are open from this site, it means your FTP server is listening correctly on those ports and configuration is fine.

2nd check FTP permissions on the folder/folders that you setup.

3rd try to reconnect to the FTP server from an external source and check the logging on the server.

If the site responds that the port  could not be seen with a Reason of "Connection timed out" or "Connection refused" it is a server config  or firewall problem respectively.

T/shoot accordingly or post your logs, permissions and FTP Passive port configuration to get further advice.
Is the external IP in your post the actual IP in question? (

This is a Virgin Media IP address... Perhaps they have decided to block ftp port 21!

Try setting your server to another (unused) port & see if that helps!


Thanks to all who tried, unfortunately now working away so unable to donate any time to say what the exact cause was so I'm sharing out the the points for the help anyway !

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