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Cannot make ODBC Connection to SQL 2008 on named instance over firewall

rsilver24 used Ask the Experts™
Hi I am having an issue making an ODBC connection to my SQL server from a server in my DMZ over the firewall.  I have configured the named instance to use a different port.  I can telnet to that server and port on my server in the DMZ, but I cannot make an ODBC connection.  Any idea what else needs to be configured?
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If you ca Telnet then the firewall is not a problem.

Make sure in the DNS you are creating you use sql native client and pass the correct user name and password.

Also if you are using Integrated security -make sure the logegd in windows user has permissions on the sql server.you can verify this by checking on the sql server,the security tab and looking at users.


Thank you.  Installing the SQL Native client fixed this issue