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I have a drilldown report that I am trying to pass a date.
My date from sql is as follows ‘2012-03-19 08:38:46.717’
My sql query returns    CONVERT(VARCHAR, el.TimeStart, 105) AS Date

I am using a chart and my sort my dates as ‘=Format(Fields!Date.Value, "yyyy-MM-dd")’

But the problem is when I pass in the date to the sub report. I don’t get any results for ‘19-03-2012’ only ‘2012-03-19 08:38:46.717’

The problem with this is need to see all users for ‘19-03-2012’

I’ve tried different thing but nothing appears to work.
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How is the query on the drilldown report?
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instead of Convert use CAST function like

cast(el.TimeStart as date) as date1
nishant joshiTechnology Development Consultant

you can use convert in subreport in available values...



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