Windows XP CSC folder resync

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I have a question about the CSC folder.
One of our users got a "invalid parameter" and i ran the Microsoft FixIt file from this page:

Now the question is. The information on disk is very important and he would not like to redo all his work, how do i make sure that setting the "Available offline" setting does not delete all his old work?

Does this merge the files with his already 22Gig large CSC folder?

Many thanks in advance
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The KB answers your question, if I am understanding you correctly.

The Offline Files cache on the local computer will be re-initialized. Any changes that have not been synchronized with computers on the network will be lost. Any files or folders made available offline will no longer be available offline. A computer restart is required.

The cached files are simply copies of the files on the server, as long as this was up-to-date when you ran the fix the files will synchronise from the server to the PC.



Sorry for the delay.

Is there anyway to get the local version to merge or otherwise become part of the sync?
Since about 30 of the files are changed after the problem occurred.
Running the Microsoft Fix-it will re-initialise the cache, this effectively deletes the local copy and will the re-sync with the server. The notes for the fix-it states
Make sure the files are synchronized before you run the automatic fix. Otherwise, unsynchronized changes will be lost.

If the laptop is still offline and hasn't been re-synced yet then if you can see the cached copies in the folders I would copy them manually to another location, reboot and allow the re-sync to occur, then copy the files back over the synced copies.

If you have already rebooted and the offline files are no longer there then unless you have a backup of the necessary files then you are out of luck I'm afraid.

Sorry I couldn't be more help!



Thanks Josh!
Problem with that error is that it wont let you sync.
Only thing that gives me a feeling that they can be restored is the CSC folder is still 22gigs. and it has not re-synced.

EDIT: I found the answer to my own question here.
i downloaded csccmd.exe version 1.1. and with the command:
This extracts the files from the CSC folder (worked offline).

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