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Nvidia 8500GT Fan - OK To Disconnect?

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In an effort to to try and make my PC run as quietly as possible I have upgraded the CPU cooler and power supply to models with silent fans. Both these components are now operating with minimal noise.

However my video card (nvidia 8500gt) which also has a fan is rather loud.

I know I can replace the fan with a heatsink however I was wondering if it's OK to disconnect this fan and allow the graphics card to operate without this? I don't play any games .... watching HD movies is probably the most graphics intensive task I perform.

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I wouldn't risk it. If you are like me and have your PC running for hours on end the on board proc will generate a lot of heat. Some video cards will simply error if it doesn't detect the fan plugged in as well.

But its up to you if you want to try it. I would recommend you download a system app that gives you your temps on your video card. I believe Nvidias is called Ntune and can be downloaded from their site.
Paul MacDonaldDirector, Information Systems
You can try, but you risk killing your video card.  

Have you considered removing all your fans and installing a water cooling system?
I'm another vote for "not worth the risk". An overheated video card is one of the most common reasons for PC instability in gaming machines. While you won't be gaming, you are opening up the chances for this instability to be a constant issue, and possibly killing your card.
Top Expert 2012
There are low-powered video cards that don't have fans, but they have to be designed that way.  If you run a video card that uses fans without the fan connected, you risk burning out the card.
Top Expert 2013
more info to be found here, if you like :  http://forums.nvidia.com/index.php?showtopic=81911


thanks all .... i think i'll just opt to keep the fan connected.