Activesync to exchange 2010 with tmg rule in dmz - pointing to a windows NLB 2 node cluster

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Hi - Please assist

I have a TMG server in a DMZ - I have a NLB cluster with 2 CAS servers as the 2 clustered nodes

problem is I dont think active sync is working. Im not certain what to put on the 2 exchange servers for the   External URL: part for the Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync (default web-site) Properties. - t

should it be the dns name of the nlb server ie ?   or is it not important?

the test on the TMG comes back with green tick - but user puting in as server active sync not working - the owa email is working though

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exchange 2010 sp2 - is version of cas servers - sorry
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If OWA works,...then ActiveSync works.   There is nothing extra you have to do.  Now I'm using Exchange2003, but I don't think the principles have changed.

For the mobile devices you just point them at the Public FQDN (not a URL).   Devices designed to use ActiveSync already have the intelligents built in to know what to look for after you point them at teh machine (the FQDN).

For example, OWA URL is:

I point the mobile devices at:


thanks it appeared to work the next morning - your answer helped in understanding - activesync FQDn - i was more after whether having the NLB cluster name as fqdn for Async phone would be an issue - it appears not - in case anyone else questions this -

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