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At my company we are thinking of purchasing a Camtasia download.
However, I have some questions to be answered, before we will actually proceed with buying it.

Is there somebody here kind enough to answer these questions?

1) If we start using Camtasia, we want to download it for a virtual server, where we will create the environment (e.g. clean desktop, no favorite-tabs in browser), to record our screencaptures correctly. Is it possible to run Camtasia on a virtual server? How does this work, with the serial key?

2) I've all ready experimented with the 30-days free trial. I have two questions about hyperlinking:
- Is it possible to add a caption to the site that includes hyperlinks? It seems like that is only possible using callouts?
- We want to use Camtasia for tutorials of our software. The hyperlinking would be used to link from one tutorial to another (deeper) one. Is that nicely possible using Camtasia?
- Is it possible to end a tutorial with suggestions for follow-up tutorials? So that we can link directly to some other tutorials?
- Can you link to every URL you want? Cause I tried linking to our website from one of our tutorials but it didn't work. When I tried to link to another html-tutorial that was on my local laptop, it did work.

3) We are doubting whether to use a voice-over for our tutorials, or if it suffices to just include text in the tutorials, and no voice. Any recommendations on this? If you use a voice-over, do we need to have a professional voice or can we just do it ourselves?

Thanks for answering!
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This is not something many have done it seems. I haven't,
 but from my sources they have said they have not seen the best results with Camtasia in a VM environment.
A lot of times the VM doesn't have access to enough video memory which then results in a black preview window in Camatasia.
Some users found that enabling 3D acceleration in the VM would allow the preview screen to work.
One source  
An alternative workaround is
Use Expression Encoder to Record Longer Screencasts
there is a free version
Interstitial Links Manager - Camtasia Video Demo

Adding url links to camtasia videos

Personally I prefer voice otherwise you spend your time reading the words rather than looking at the tutorial.
Camatasia is a professional tool and provides an excellent indepth set of guides with lots of backup service.

 PDF Get Great Audio Camtasia Studio
Video Voice Over Tips | Camtasia-Guide
Learn how to use all that Camtasia Studio offers.
Record Voice Narration


Thanks for your very helpful answer!
You are most welcome Adiemeer happy to know I assisted you
All the Best


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